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HS-5485HB Digital Standard Karbonite, Top BB (89oz/in | 0.17sec | 1.57x0.78x1.49") (35485S) - CLOSEOUT SALE
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  Size (L x W x H):     39.8 x 19.8 x 38.0mm (1.57 x 0.78 x 1.49")  
  Weight w/ Servo Wire:     45g (1.59oz)  
  Ball Bearings:     Dual BB  
  Metal Gears:     Heavy Duty Karbonite Gears  
  Torque (4.8V):     72 ozin  
  Transit Time (4.8V):     0.20 sec  
  Torque (6.0V):     89 ozin  
  Transit Time (6.0V):     0.17 sec  
The 5485HB is the latest addition to the Hitec digital line of servos offering improved performance over the 5475HB for even less $!
The HS-5455HB is Hitec’s lowest cost digital servo and is an excellent choice for sport airplanes up to .60 size . Featuring a programmable digital circuit and our Karbonite™ gear technology that offers four times the strength as our standard nylon gears and after hundreds of thousands of cycles won’t show any signs of wear.
Applications: Heli's and Aircraft up to 72” or up to 12lbs when using just one servo per control surface.
Note: Be aware that high vibration gas (not glow) engines combined with large control surfaces and large throws (3D models) can put undue strain on the gears. Metal geared servos are recommended for these applications even if under 12lbs.
Warning: Do not use thread lockers on Karbonite geared servo as it will cause the output shaft to fail.
Price: $11.00
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