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Catalog > Electric Motors and Parts > Brushless Inrunners > Feigao 130 Size 2.0mm Shaft > Feigao Pinion Installation 130+ Series
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Feigao Pinion Installation 130+ Series

Click on image for larger view
  1. Use a large C-Clamp to press the pinion onto the shaft as shown.
  2. Press the pinion to the point where it is flush with the end of the motor shaft.
  3. Use a pinion or something with a hole larger than the motor shaft to complete the next step. For a 2mm shaft motor, use a 400C pinion (2.3mm diameter). For a 2.3mm shaft motor use a pinion with 3.2mm diameter, etc.
  4. This image shows a 400C pinion (it does not matter which one) being used to press the 300C/350C pinion further down the Feigao motor shaft. This process will work with any type of motor, not just Feigaos.
  5. This image shows the pinion properly positioned on the Feigao motor.
  6. Process complete. You are now ready to go!
Note: You should only press a pinion on once. If you pull it off and press it on again, the pinion will be too loose. You should always use a new pinion.
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