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Cheetah XH Volt Meter / Balancer / Discharger
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The BP Hobbies Cheetah Battery Meter/Balancer/Discharger is designed for Li-Polymer and Li-Fe batteries, it can measure battery voltage precisely and balance batteries. It can discharge batteries for long term storage to avoid battery damage. It can be used as a portable battery meter as it is lightweight, self-contained and with a large display. You can also bring the Balancer to the flying field for battery checking purpose.
It has a large LCD screen showing up to 6 cell batteries. It only uses a 3 key to control all functions. Users can see battery conditions quickly. This product comes with temperature sensor IC control, When the temperature inside exceeds 75 C. It will goes back to discharge when the temperature inside is lower than 65 C.
  • CE certificate & ROHS compliant
  • LxWxH : 93.5 X 60 X 17 mm
  • Measureable battery type and amount: Li-Polymer/Li-Fe 2 to 6 cell
  • Meter Interface- Female XH Balance Connector - Same connector type used in Chargery, E-Sky, FullyMax, Flight Power, and Kokam Batteries.
  • .
  • Receiver battery 1.2 V ~ 8.5V DC (No limit for battery type, but you will need an external power source 7.4~11.1V to , use male JST connector)
  • Balance voltage setting range(lower limit):2.0V ~ 3.9V(pre-set value 3.2V)
  • Discharge voltage setting range (lower limit):3.0V~ 4.2V(pre-set value 3.9V)
  • Net weight is 70g without package
  • .
  • Max. discharge current : 450 mA ( at 4.2V / cell )
  • Manufacturer's Operating Instructions (PDF file)
    Note- Battery and connector is not included. For use with Enerland/Polyquest, you will need an adapter. For two cell Enerland/Polyquest use the 2 Cell XH Female to Polyquest Male Adapter (CW 14-2). For three cell Enerland/Polyquest, use the 3 Cell XH Female to Polyquest Male Adapter (CW 14-3).
    Price: $14.95
    Currently Out Of Stock
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