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  12 Inch Long Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment (7530)  
  3 pieces each of 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 inch sizes in white, black, and red color (Total of nine 12 inch pieces)  
    $0.88       Out Of Stock
  1/16 Dia. Heat Shrink Blue (QTY/PKG: 4 ) (Cat. No. 435)       $0.72       Out Of Stock
  3/32 Dia. Heat Shrink Tubing Green (QTY/PKG: 4 ) (Cat. No. 436)       $0.65       Out Of Stock
  1/8 Dia. Heat Shrink Tubing Red (QTY/PKG: 4 ) (Cat. No. 437)       $0.72     Add Item To Cart  
  3/16 Dia. Heat Shrink Tubing White (QTY/PKG: 3 ) (Cat. No. 438)       $0.65     Add Item To Cart  
  1/4 Dia. Heat Shrink Tubing Yellow (QTY/PKG: 3 ) (Cat. No. 439)       $0.65       Out Of Stock
  3/8 Dia. Heat Shrink Tubing Black (QTY/PKG: 3 ) (Cat. No. 440)       $0.65       Out Of Stock
  Total Number Of Items: 7  
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