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  Black Two-Pin 2P JWT Female Connector (JWT Female, C847)       $1.50 Each  
  10 For $15.00 @ $1.50  
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  Black Two-Pin M3 Motor Connector (JWT Male, C843)       $1.50 Each  
  10 For $15.00 @ $1.50  
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  Hitec Transmitter Battery Connector and Pigtail (KT-9013M)  
  Use this to create your own LiPo transmitter pack for Hitec transmitters  
    $1.50       Out Of Stock
  BP Miracle Hobby Crimper (K-010)  
  Use for crimp connecting wires like Servos, Speed Controllers, and LED lights  
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  HE 2.0mm Gold Polarized Connector Kit (G2.0 Connector Kits) - CLOSEOUT SALE  
  Two solder connectors per pack. Good for Speed 400 use up to 20 amps  
    $1.00     Add Item To Cart  
  HE 1.5mm Gold Connector Female Socket - CLOSEOUT SALE  
  Two solder connectors per package. For use up to 10 amps  
    $0.25       Out Of Stock
  HE 1.5mm Gold Connector Male Pin - CLOSEOUT SALE  
  Two solder connectors per package. For use up to 10 amps.  
    $0.25       Out Of Stock
  Deans Micro 2NPB, Black Non Polarized (P. N. 1225)       $1.55     Add Item To Cart  
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