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Fun Foam BP Flyer 26" Kit
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  Wing Span:     26"  
  Fuselage Length:     24"  
  Model Weight:     8.5 to 10 oz  
  Configuration:     4 ch. Motor/Aileron/Elevator/Rudder  
Based on an original design by Kurt Dumas. Decals not included.

  • Laser Cut Smooth Skinned 5mm White Foam
  • Laser Cut Firewall Motor Mount and Stick Mount
  • Pre-Bent Landing Gear including Wheels
  • Includes Carbon Fiber Wing Spar & Pushrods
  • Includes Hardware Package
  • Illustrated Instruction Manual

  • Requires:
  • Motor and speed control (BP 12 brushless and BP 18A ESC recommended)
  • 4-channel receiver - Corona RS410, Berg Microstamp 4L, Hitec Micro 05S, Blue Bird BMR-04 or equivalent
  • 3 micro servos

  • Optional:
  • Foam Friendly Acrylic Paint
  • Solartrim Polyester Film - Decal Stock

  • Available flight packs:
  • Fun 3D Brushless Flight Pack for 25" and 26" Planes
  • You will need one UM5 crystal with your flight pack

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