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Corona RS410 Full Range DSP Receiver
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  Size:     1.1 x 0.6 x 0.3 in. / 28 x 15 x 7.6 mm  
  Weight w/o Antenna:     0.17 oz / 4.7 grams (with shrink wrap)  
  Weight with Antenna:     0.19 oz / 5.3 grams  
  Sensitivity:     better than 2.0µV  
  Selectivity:     ±8kHz at 65dB down  
  Number of Channels:     4  
  Filtering:     Dual tuned RF circuitry  
  Filtering:     Dual 4 pole ceramic filter  
  Filtering:     DSP filtering with mild algorithm  
  Modulation:     FM/PPM  
  Shift Polarity:     Auto-Detect (positive or negative)  
  Case:     Shrink wrap  
  Operating Voltage:     4.8V~6.0VDC  
  Operating Current:     11mA  
With traditional technology, a micro receiver has lower sensitivity (control distance) than a full-sized receiver. Corona receivers use a state-of-the-art receiver chip, careful filtration, and DSP technology to achieve full-range while remaining small and lightweight. With this combination, the Corona receivers have capabilities usually only found in older technology receivers weighing several dozen grams. Because of their light weight, the Corona receivers can be used in many applications including indoor electric aircraft, 3D fixed-wing airplanes, and outdoor glow planes of several kilograms or pounds. With a sensitivity of better than 2µV, the Corona receivers have a full range. These receivers use dual tuned RF circuitry with dual ceramic IF filters which ensure an ultra narrow selectivity to more effectively reject adjacent channel interference. This is especially important when flying high traffic areas where many transmitters may be operating near each other.
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