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  ELE Single Cell Lipo Brushless 5A ESC  
  For controlling brushless motors while running one 3.7V battery - 5 A max, 6 gram weight  
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  Castle Creations Thunderbird-6 Brushless Speed Controller (TB-6)  
  4 g / 0.14 oz, Brake, 1.5A Linear BEC, 6-Amp, Max 10 Ni-MH or 3S Li-Poly  
  $25.45       Out Of Stock
  Castle Creations Thunderbird-9 Brushless Speed Controller (TB-9)  
  8 g / 0.3 oz, Brake, 1.5A Linear Regulator BEC, 9-Amp, 5-12 NiMH/NiCd or 2S-3S Li-Poly  
  $25.45       Out Of Stock
  Cheetah 10A Brushless ESC  
  8.5g / 0.3 oz, 10A, 2-3 Cell Li-Poly, 1A BEC, Programmable brake, Auto Cell Count Detect  
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  Castle Creations Castle Link USB Programming Device (010-0005-00)     $21.30     Add Item To Cart  
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  Castle Link Quick Connect (010-0079-00)  
  It detects the presence of a Castle Link adapter on the free lead and switches the controller's signal line from the RX to the Castle Link.  
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  Castle Creations Quick Field Programmer Aircraft Version (010-0063-01)  
  Programming Card for all airplane version Castle Creations ESCs  
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  Feigao Speed Controller Programming Card (FG-ESCPC or LED_FLYFUN) - CLOSEOUT SALE  
  For programming Feigao brand speed controllers  
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  CC CapPack (011-002-02)  
  High Voltage Capacitor Pack - Max voltage 50.4V, Compensates for extensions of up to 8 inches, Improves system performance under acceleration  
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