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GWS EDP-50XC Direct Drive Power System with 2 x EP-3020 (GW/EDP-50XC) CLOSEOUT SALE
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  Motor:     CN12-RXC  
  Motor Weight:     15 g / 0.53 oz  
  Shaft Size:     1.5 x 4.6 mm  
  Motor Size:     12 x 30 mm  
  Voltage:     7.2V  
  No Load Current:     0.28A  
  No Load RPM:     25500  
  Stall Torque:     >130 g-cm  
  Stall Current:     <7.2A  
  Motor Class:     IPS  
  Propeller:     Volts (V):     Amps (A):     Thrust (g):     Power (W):     Efficiency (g/W):  
  EP3020     6.0     1.35     51     8.10     6.30  
  EP3020     7.2     1.66     60     11.95     5.02  
With pre-soldered capacitor and M3 motor connector. Includes two EP-3020 propellers. Weight with propeller and connector: 16 grams (0.56 oz). Recommended for converting rubber power models under 30" to electric. Motor has carbon brushes for longer life.

CAUTION: Using a larger than recommended propeller and/or higher voltage battery may cause permanent damage to this motor. BP Hobbies assumes no responsibility for the improper use and installation of this product.

Recommended Propellers:
  • 3 x 2 Direct Drive Orange Electric Propeller (EP-3020)

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