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Feigao 1308441S 2.80:1 S2 Fully Assembled Power System - CLOSEOUT SALE
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  Propeller:     Volts (V):     Amps (A):     Thrust (g/oz):     Power (W):     Efficiency (g/W):  
  EP-9047     7.4V     3.2A     214g / 7.5 oz     23.7W     9.0  
  EP-9047     8.4V     3.8A     254g / 8.9 oz     21.9W     8.0  
  EP-9047     9.6V     4.6A     320g / 11.2 oz     44.2W     7.2  
  EP-9047     11.1V     5.5A     391g / 13.7 oz     61.1W     6.4  
  EP-9050     7.4V     2.8A     206g / 7.2 oz     20.7W     10.0  
  EP-9050     8.4V     3.4A     260g / 9.1 oz     28.6W     9.1  
  EP-9050     9.6V     4.1A     311g / 10.9 oz     39.4W     7.9  
  EP-9050     11.1V     5.1A     388g / 13.60 oz     56.6W     6.9  
  EP-1047     7.4V     4.3A     271g / 9.5 oz     31.8W     8.5  
  EP-1047     8.4V     5.0A     317g / 11.1 oz     42W     7.5  
  EP-1047     9.6V     6.0A     380g / 13.3 oz     57.6W     6.6  
Includes gearbox frame, pinion, spur gear, prop shaft and parts, fully assembled as shown.
High Performance Feigao 130 series brushless motors with 2.0mm motor shafts are the perfect replacement motors for use in 300C/350C power systems. The 13084xx motors give you more power and use less current. This results in better performance and longer flight times than traditional EPS brushed motors. Lower current draw allows you to use your existing Ni-MH batteries and still have more power! Use 3-cell Li-Poly for outstanding performance!
Replacement Parts: 2.0mm Gearbox Parts.
Price: $23.19
Currently Out Of Stock
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