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AeroFly Pro Deluxe Interface Version for Windows (3051003) - CLOSEOUT SALE
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AeroFly Professional Deluxe is our state-of-the-art rc-simulator for airplanes as well as helicopters. It is used for training by many world-class pilots (for example TOC freestlye winner Roland Matt). Not only a tool for experts, AeroFly is also a perfect simulator for beginners to enter the wonderful world of model aircraft flying.
Extremly detailed outdoor and indoor scenes
Fly your aircraft in 28 different sceneries under different conditions. Either choose one of our 10 highly detailed outdoor 3D landscapes, fly in one of our photorealistic sceneries or even fly indoors. There is a scenery for everybody.
Professional aerobatic flying with helicopters and airplanes
AeroFly Pro Deluxe features some of the most advanced flight physics ever to be found in a computer simulation. When it comes to high alpha 3D flying AeroFly is the perfect tool.
A model for everybody
Due to its great aircraft selection, there is a model for every pilot. From easy beginner models like slowflyer or Trainer, to intermediate aerobatic aircrafts to ultimate 3D airplane and helicopter machines to fast Jets, AeroFly offers a wide variation of radio controlled aircraft.
  • 84 aircraft models: aerobatic airplanes, 3D-funflyer, 3m-TOC models, 15 helicopters, Jets, VTOL-Harrier, Gliders,

  • Biplanes, Slope-soarer, Shockflyer, Pylon-racer, Slowflyer, multi-blade helicopters, and much more...

  • 28 beautifully designed sceneries (including 14 photo-realistic sceneries)

  • USB interface to connect your own transmitter (adapter for many common radios is included).

  • Dynamic shadow.

  • Real environment reflection mapping on reflective aircraft parts

  • Simulation of back-light effect through the sun.

  • Glider sound.

  • 6 music songs exclusively composed for AeroFly.

  • Full collision detection with all objects in the scenery, including trees.

  • Realistic simulation of the airplane sound in 3D, like the doppler effect

  • Simulation of retractable gears and moving wings

  • 2 player split-screen mode allows you to fly AeroFly with your friends on the same computer.

  • Recording/Playback and Saving of flights.

  • Torque-Roll training with many different models, like the Cap232, Giles202, Extra 330, Shockflyer.

  • Autorotation practice with the helicopter.

  • Smoke and exhaust effects.

  • When crashing or in certain flight maneuvers, aircraft parts can break apart.

  • Hundreds of free user made models available.

  • Many free user made sceneries available.

  • Simple file format for creating your own sceneries and aircrafts.

  • Different contests like balloon popping, drag racing, pylon racing or spot landing a 2nd view window.

  • Available in english, german and french language.

  • Price: $84.37
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