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BP Automobile Lighting System
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This is a must have upgrade to your vehicle! The controller only weighs 10.2 grams. It is compact at only 1.5 x 1.25 x .5 inches. Includes the lights, control box, servo connectors, paper instructions, and tiedown hardware.
Default Settings:
Socket 1: Front Lower Light
Socket 2: Front Upper Light
Socket 3: Left Signal Light
Socket 4: Right Signal Light
Socket 5: Backward Light
Socket 6: Brake Light
Socket 7: Turn ON Status/Simultaneous with Socket2
Turn OFF Status/lt always lighted
Socket 8: Turn ON Status/Simultaneous with Socket 6
Turn OFF Status/ lt always lighted
Channel 1 Socket: Use Y-Cable to connect the Steering Servo and Receiver to LED System control box
Channel 2 Socket: Use Y-Cable to connect the ESC or Throttle Servo and receiver to LED System control Box
REV1: RC CH1 Steering Signal Reverse
REV2: RC CH2 Throttle Signal Reverse
Price: $16.50
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