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Sky-Holic 2 - 5 Cell Li-Poly Balancer Guard V - CLOSEOUT SALE
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The Balancer & Guard is a PLUG & PLAY connection to Li-ploy pack and works with any type of Li-polymer charger. It is also specially designed with an advanced accurate microchip that scans each cells condition and determines for the best reconditioning that the pack needs. If one or more cells are charged over 4.35 V, while charging, the Balancer-Guard will cut off input charge circuitry and balance to prevent accidentally expose while charging Li-polymer batteries. The Balancer Guard bypasses charge current for any cell(s) that are over charged or imbalanced.

  • Easy connection 2-5 cells in series pack
  • Operating with any Li-polymer charger
  • Automatically bypass charge current if any cell over charged or imbalanced.
  • Individual cell LED display while bypass charge
  • Full balanced charge LED display (it can monitor charger condition)
  • Operating from 2S to 5S Li-poly packs
  • Over charge warning LED display
  • Over charge protection circuitry
  • Error Connection warning.

  • Input power: 50V max
  • Charge control current 6 Amps
  • Bypass Current: 300mA Max/ cell
  • Cell configuration: Auto cell detect in series
  • Balance control type: Active and shunt automatically
  • Overcharge protection voltage: 4.35V +/- 0.01V
  • Protection release voltage: imbalance voltage lower than +/- 0.02V
  • Imbalance control: 0.01V
  • Full indicator: 4.18V/cell and imbalance 0.01V

    Note: This balancer fits E-Tec/Apache/Polyquest/Hyperion style connectors. Does not fit Thunder Power, Kokam, Fullymax/E-Sky/Align/Dynam packs without an adapter (not included).

    Optional Accessories:
  • Two-Pin Female JST Connector - charging plug (W22FM/2PJST/30) - for charging batteries with JST plugs
  • Feigao Heavy Duty 4.0mm Gold Plated Spring Connector Set - for connecting to chargers with bananna jacks
  • Sky-Holic Balancer V Adapter for 2S (7.4V) Li-Poly Packs
  • Sky-Holic Balancer V Adapter for 3S (11.1V) Li-Poly Packs
  • Sky-Holic Balancer V Adapter for 4S (14.8V) Li-Poly Packs
  • Sky-Holic Balancer V Adapter for 5S (18.5V) Li-Poly Packs

  • Connectors For Build Packs and Adapters:
  • 2 Cell E-Tec/Polyquest Male Balancer Connector
  • 3 Cell E-Tec/Polyquest Male Balancer Connector
  • 4 Cell E-Tec/Polyquest Male Balancer Connector
  • 5-Cell E-Tec/Polyquest Male Balancer Connector
  • Price: $10.00
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