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Catalog > Electric Motors and Parts > Ducted Fan Power Systems > 50mm Ducted Fans
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EDF-50 Ducted Fan Power System with EDF-2020x3 Rotor (GW/EDF50) CLOSEOUT SALE Item: 2 of 14  

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  Weight:     29.81 grams / 1.05 oz  
  Duct Diameter:     50.8mm / 2 in.  
  Outer Lip Diameter:     54.5mm / 2.15 in.  
  Motor Type:     12mm CN12-RLC Brushed (Stock)
  12mm Feigao 120 Brushless (Optional)  
  Rotor:     EDF-2020 x 3  
  Motor     Volts (V):     Amps (A):     Thrust (g/oz):     Power (W):     Efficiency (g/W - oz/W):  
  CN12-RLC (Stock)     6.0     2.62     54 / 1.91     15.72     3.44 / 0.12  
  CN12-RLC (Stock)     7.2     3.39     72 / 2.54     24.41     2.95 / 0.10  
CAUTION: Using a higher voltage battery than recommended may cause permanent damage to this motor. BP Hobbies assumes no responsibility for the improper use and installation of this product.

Replacement Parts:
  • EDF-50 Outer Case (GW/EDF50-1)
  • Ducted Fan Rotor for GWS EDF-50 2020 x 3 (GW/EDF50-5)
  • EDF-40 and EDF-50 Carbon Brush Replacement Motor With Heat Sink - CN12-RLC (GW/EDF50-4)
  • EDF-40 and EDF-50 Carbon Brush Replacement Motor - CN12-RLC (GW/EDF50-2)
  • GWS Heat Sink For IPS Motors, EDF-40, and EDF-50 (GW/EHS-12)

  • Optional Brushless Motor Upgrades:
  • Feigao 1208425L 12x30mm Brushless Motor
  • Feigao 1208428L 12x30mm Brushless Motor
  • Feigao 1208436L 12x30mm Brushless Motor
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    Price: $7.10
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