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  ELE C05 Outrunner Brushless Motor 2900 KV  
  3.2 oz of thrust on 7.4V using a 3 x 2 prop. Comes with Mount and Screws  
  $11.48       Out Of Stock
  ELE C10 2900Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor  
  105 grams of thrust, 4.5A on 7.4V using GWS 5 x 3 Propeller. Weight: 8.7 grams with wire and mount.  
    $8.51     Add Item To Cart  
  ELE C20 PRO 1550Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor  
  285 grams of thrust, 6.1A on 7.0V using GWS 8x4 Propeller. Weight: 26.2 grams with wire and mount.  
    $9.01       Out Of Stock
  ELE RC CR23L Counter Rotating Brushless Power System with 9x5 propellers  
  250 Total Watts Power, 35 ounces of thrust on 11.1V  
  $42.38     Add Item To Cart  
  ELE CR-28M Counter Rotating Brushless Motor with Wood Props  
  400 Total Watts on 11.1V using the two 10 x 4 wood props included with this motor.  
  $45.34     Add Item To Cart  
  ELE RC A28M Variable Pitch Power System  
  A28M hollow shaft motor+4D Metal variable pitch System+8inch Prop combo, 270 Watts, Approximately 17 ounces of thrust at full pitch  
  $31.15     Add Item To Cart  
  ELE RC A2826 1100kV Brushless Outrunner Motor  
  Replacement motor for 2 pound quadcopters (including the BP Cutlass)  
    $6.34     Add Item To Cart  
  Replacement Propellers for ELE CR-28M Counter Rotating Brushless Motor  
  Set of two 10 x 4 props  
    $7.20     Add Item To Cart  
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