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ELE CR-28M Counter Rotating Brushless Motor with Wood Props
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  Dimension     28 mm diameter x 51 mm long  
  Weight     79 grams - 2.83 oz (motors only)  
  Shaft Diameter     3 mm  
  Shaft Length     10.25 mm  
  Max Power     270 Watts each motor  
  Max Current     22 A each motor  
  KV     1050  
  Propeller size     10 x 4  
  No Load Current     1.0 A at 10 V and 10300 RPM  
  Propeller     Volts     Amps     Watts     RPM     Thrust  
  10 x 4 Wood - 2 props     10 V     16.8 A each motor     168 Watts each motor     7700     42.8 oz total for both motors  
  10 x 4 Wood - 2 props     11.1 V     18.1 A each motor     200 Watts each motor     7920     48.2 oz total for both motors  
  10 x 4 Wood - 2 props     12.6 V     20.3 A each motor     255 Watts each motor     8230     53.6 oz total for both motors  
Perform 3-D manuevers withouth the effects of asymemetrical torque. This is a powerful package that includes two wood 10 x 4 propellers. To mount the motor, use the four mounting "ears" in the middle of the motor. See the picture below for a dimensional drawing of the motor. You will need to use two 30 amp or higher speed controllers. Replacement props are sold as a set here - Replacement Propellers for ELE CR-28M Counter Rotating Brushless Motor
Price: $87.95
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