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Walkera Palm Size Electric Helicopter (HM-5#6 RTF) - CLOSEOUT SALE
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  Main Rotor Diameter:     6.9" Rotor Diameter - Coaxial  
  Fuselage Length:     6.9" Length  
  All-up-weight:     55 grams (1.925 oz)  
  Motor Type:     2 x 1215 Strong Magnet High Performance  
  Power:     3.7V 400mAh Li-po Battery  
  RC:     4 Channel, 2 Servos  
Now included - an extra battery with every purchase!
  • Coaxial structure and palm-sized dimension make HM-5#6 the optimal model for indoor entertainment
  • 2 x 1215 strong-magnetic motor provides plenty of power for stable flight performance
  • Highly efficient ultra light 3 gram servos provide prompt reaction and superb flight performance
  • Receiver is equipped with a built-in gyro with sensitivity that can be customizedly adjusted
  • The high-volume 3.7V 400mAh Li-po battery provides 7-10 minutes flights
  • Includes spare set of blades.
  • Manufacturer's English Instruction Manual (PDF file 3,325,952 bytes)
    Main Rotor Blades:
    Integrated Mainframe:
    Transmitter WK-0405:
    Tech Note: The helicopter manufacturers tend to ship helicopters with loose blades. The helicopter WILL NOT FLY WELL with loose blades, it will be hard to control. YOU MUST TIGHTEN THE BLADES prior to the first flight so the helicopter performs well. The blades should be snug, but not so tight so that they do not move. This will greatly increase the helicopters performance and your flying experience. For more information regarding helicopter setup and flying we have Ray's Authoritative DVD Series: Shop and Field Companion book that has a wealth of information on helicopter setup and flying.
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