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C650 Lithium Polymer Smart Charger
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  Input Voltage     DC 10-18V  
  Input Current     12A  
  Output Voltage     25.2V (25.3V Max)  
  Output Current     8A Max  
  Output Power     100W Max  
  Dimension     126 x 77 x 25 mm  
  Input Lead     4mm banana plug
300mm silicone wire with alligator clips  
  Output Lead     4mm banana plug
300mm silicone wire with alligator clips  
  Weight     350 g / 12.25 oz  
Fully automatic Smart charger for li-ion/lipo battery pack with 1 to 6 cells. The C650 has a microprocessor to set charge parameters such as charge timer, charge current, and capacity charged. The built in software and LCD display make using the C650 a breeze. The clear back-light LCD shows pack voltage, charge current, charge time, and capacity charged. C650 comes built-in protections for reverse polarity protection (input or output), low input voltage, incorrect cell count, incorrect cell type (eg. Ni-MH/Ni-Cd), battery temperature, and charging capacity. High quality aluminum case is durable and provides cooling function for internal components. C650 supports a wide charge current range of 0.1A to 8A. This makes the C650 an ideal choice for packs used in small models as wells has high capacity packs used in bigger planes.
  • 1 pc - C650 Base Unit

  • 1 pc - Temperature Sensor and Connector

  • 2 pc - 4mm Banana to Alligator clips (red and black)

  • Manufacturer's Operating Instructions (PDF file 225,280 bytes)
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    CAUTION: Make sure cell count and charging rate is properly set each time you charge a battery. Please read our Lithium Polymer Charging, Handling, Safety Information
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