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Catalog > Battery Connectors, Heat Shrink, and Wire > Li-Poly Balancer Connectors > 2-Cell (2S) Balancing Connectors
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Universal 2-Cell 2.0mm Pitch Female Balancer Connector (FA205-3P-2.0) - CLOSEOUT SALE
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Use this connector to adapt ThunderPower or other batteries with 2.0mm pitch balancing connectors to Sky-Holic, Apache, Hyperion, and other balancers that use the E-Tec/Polyquest style connectors. The FA205 universal connectors are the balancer-side connector and serve the "female" role even though they have male connector pins. Never use an FA205 connector on the battery-side ("male" role) as the exposed pins are a shorting hazard.

Because these connectors are not keyed, always observe the correct polarity when plugging them in.

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  • For more information, see our On-Line Li-Poly Balancer Wiring Guide

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