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Simple Design & Easy to Use
  • For Li-PO Battery: 7.4 & 11.1 V
  • Palm Size: 102x54x28 mm
  • Auto Detection & Auto Cutoff
  • Monitor Each Li-PO Cell
  • Adjustable Current: 0 ~1000mAH
  • DC Input: 10 ~ 15 V 18 Watt.
  • LED Light Indicator
  • Input Alligator Battery Clips Cable
  • Universal DC Power Adaptor (Option)
  • Output End Short-Circuit Protection
  • CE & RoHS Ready

  • Supplement to the the manual from GWS:
    Warning : Users need to take great care for the following instructions when using the enclosed ''balance charging leads'' with this C3-LP (GWCHG004) charger. Never leave the charging Lipoly battery pack with the charger unattended during charging.

    1. Be sure to connect the “balance charging leads” with the Lipoly battery pack correctly. The 7.4V leads, with white 3-pin plug, is for 2-cell 7.4V Lipoly battery pack, while the 11.1V leads, with white 4-pin plug, is for 3-cell 11.1V Lipoly battery pack. The red 2-pin plug is for connecting with the Lipoly battery pack. The wrong connections with the Lipoly battery pack and this charger will cause overcharging or even explosion and fire.

    2. Be sure to plug ONE of the two balance charging leads, the 7.4V with 3-pin plug one or the 11.1V with 4-pin plug one into the charger ONLY during each charging. Make sure to EITHER plug the 3-pin plug into the 3 pin port/socket, OR plug the 4-pin plug into the 4-pin port/socket of this charger. Never plug both of these two leads / plugs into this charger during charging. Otherwise, there will be overcharging issue or even explosion and fire.

    3. Do not connect any ruined, short circuit inside, Lipoly battery pack with this charger directly or indirectly.

    It'd be much better to connect the lipoly battery pack with this charger directly without using any of the enclosed balance charging leads. Use the enclosed "Balance Charging Lead" ONLY when the plug of the battery pack does not fit the charger, and make sure you have followed these instructions completely.
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