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Feigao 1308430S Brushless Motor 30 Turn, 2.3mm Shaft, 7A, 3120 RPM/V - OVERSTOCK SALE
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  Designation:     1308430S  
  Turns:     30  
  Max Amps:     7A  
  Resistence:     0.1971  
  RPM/V:     3120  
  IO(A):     0.4  
  Shaft Size:     2.3mm  
  Weight:     43.5 grams / 1.53 oz.  
  Dimensions:     20 x 35 mm / 0.79 x 1.38 in.  
  • 5:33-1 C Gearing EP-1060: 11.1V, 6.8A, 17.6 oz. / 503 grams of Thrust

  • 5:33-1 C Gearing EP-1260: 7.4V, 7.4A, 17.1 oz. / 489 grams of Thrust

  •   2.3mm Shaft Parts used with EPS 300C/350C Gear Box Housing (EPS-5AC/G):  
      2.8:1 EPS-S2 Gear Ratio     S2 Spur Gear 56T (IPS-42)     EPSC-9E4C Pinion  
      3.22:1 EPS-S1 Gear Ratio     S1 Spur Gear 58T (IPS-41)     EPSC-9F4C Pinion  
      3.75:1 EPS-A Gear Ratio     EPS A Spur Gear 60T (EPS-4A)     EPSC-9G4C Pinion  
      4.43:1 EPS-B Gear Ratio     EPS B Spur Gear 62T (EPS-4B)     EPSC-9H4C Pinion  
      5.33:1 EPS-C Gear Ratio     EPS C Spur Gear 64T (EPS-4C)     EPSC-9i4C Pinion  
      6.6:1 EPS-D Gear Ratio     EPS D Spur Gear 66T (EPS-4D)     Not Available  
    To use a GWS EPS-5AC/G with this motor you will have to shave off 1/2mm off the screw tabs on the EPS-5AC/G to get the Feigao to fit properly in the gear frame. This is very easy to do. The following image shows how this is done: Feigao in EPS-5AC/G
  • Feigao Pinion Installation For 130+ Series Motors

  • Use 2.3mm Gear Box Parts For This Motor

  • WARNING: As with all electric motors if you over-prop and over-voltage you will exceed the current limitation of the motor. This will result in permanent damage to your electric motor. BP Hobbies assumes no responsibility for this kind of damage.
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