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WATERPROOF BP Flexible High Intensity LED Light Strip - BLUE
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  Length     100 cm / 39.4 inches  
  Number of LEDs     60  
  Connector     Bare wire leads (+ / -)  
  Input Voltage     6 to 12V (2S/3S Lipo / A123)  
  Current consumption     400mA  
  Total Weight     31 grams  
  Strip Width     8 mm / 0.31 inches  
  Height     LED - 2mm high  
New Waterproof Version!Not just for RC! Try using them to light up your car, your wall, or even your pumpkin! Strips are 100cm long with 60 LEDs spaced every 16 mm or so. They are wired three LED in series so you can cut them into mulitples of three LEDs. There is a an easy to solder tab on each side of the groups of three so you can make custom strands. You can wire as many strips together up to the ability of the battery to support the load. Each strip comes with a set of bare wire leads. There is a pressure sensitive adhesive on the back of the strip. Just peel away the backing and stick the lights to just about any surface.
See the picture below for an example of a solder connection.
Our unscuentific dunking test - we soaked the lights for one week under water. Each day we powered the lights and each day they worked great. Note, the battery and lead wire was not submersed. The polymer coating will haze after a few days of soaking. This will dim the intensity and give the lights more of a soft light.
How to make the lights flash -
To make a flashing lights kit like one in the video you would need one of each item - Hobby Electronics Light Flasher and Two-Pin Female JST Connector - charging plug (W22FM/2PJST/30) and Enerland / PolyQuest XP Lithium Polymer 11.1V 400mAh 25C with red JST
Another video showing some Halloween fun!
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