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BP Four Color LED Light Strip Set
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  Length     40 cm / 15.75 inches  
  Number of LEDs     48 total - 12 each yellow, blue, white, violet  
  Connector     JST-XH 3S Female  
  Input Voltage     11.1V Lipo  
  Current consumption     300mA  
  Total Weight     25 grams  
  Strip Width     8 mm / 0.31 inches  
  Height     LED - 2mm high  
Want four LED lights but don't want to solder or don't need long lengths? We have an answer for you! The BP Four Color LED Light Strip Set includes 48 LEDS, is prewired to one JST-XH Balance plug. Just plug in the JST-XH balance plug of your 11.1V Lipo and you have light. Four colors are white, blue, violet, and yellow. Each strip is 12 LEDs long. Strip length is 20 cm. The lead length to the balance plug is 20 cm making the overall stretched out length of 40 cm. Each strip is connected via a red JST set so you can mix and match strips or make you own combinations.
If you need to create a connector to adapt
Price: $4.42
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