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Catalog > Ducted Fan Power Systems > 64mm Ducted Fans
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  ELE ADF64-28L 3900 KV Brushless Ducted Fan Power System  
  64 mm ducted fan with 3900kV brushless motor installed - 266 Watts Power on 11.1V  
    $9.69       Out Of Stock
    Outer Case for ELE Ducted Fan DF64  
  Compatible with both DF64-C20 and ADH300 duct fan power systems  
    $4.01     Add Item To Cart  
  ELE 64mm Ducted Fan Replacement Rotor (AC109)  
  6 bladed rotor for ELE DF64 C20 and DF64-ADH300  
    $1.37     Add Item To Cart  
  1.27mm Hex Wrench (F492)  
  Replacment hex wrench for pinion gear and wheel collar grub screws  
    $0.26       Out Of Stock
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