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  HTS-ORPM - Optical RPM Sensor (55833) - CLOSEOUT SALE       $7.65     Add Item To Cart  
  HTS-TEMP - Temperature Sensor x 2 (55834) - CLOSEOUT SALE       $4.64     Add Item To Cart  
  HTS-FUEL - Fuel Gauge Sensor (55835) - CLOSEOUT SALE       $8.19     Add Item To Cart  
  HTS-C200 - 200 Amp Current Sensor (use only with HTS-SS Blue) (55855) - CLOSEOUT SALE  
  Use with HTS-SS Blue Station only  
  $13.66     Add Item To Cart  
  HTS-VOICE - Telemetry Voice Announcing System (55841) - CLOSEOUT SALE  
  Speaks to you so you do not have look down at the transmitter!  
  $21.86     Add Item To Cart  
  HTS-iVIEW - Telemetry Interface for use with Apple Products (55862) - CLOSEOUT SALE  
  For use with Apple Brand iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices only  
  $20.77     Add Item To Cart  
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