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Airfoilz Edge 540NX Kit - CLOSEOUT SALE
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  Wing Span:     40 in (1016mm)  
  Overall Length:     35.5 in (901.7mm)  
  Wing Area:     350 sq in (22.4 sq dm)  
  Flying Weight:     19-21 oz (538/595 g)  
  Motor Size:     200 to 300watts  
  Radio:     Throttle/Rudder/Elevator/Ailerons(2)  
  Servos:     4 sub-micro servos  
  Prop Size:     APC 10x5E Prop  
  Speed Control:     40 Amp  
  Recommended Battery:     3-cell11.1V 1500 to 2100mAh  
The NEW Airfoilz Edge 540NX profile is non-stop fun! Airfoilz planes are designed for performance. Unlike flat foamy planes, Airfoilz planes have a real airfoil wing. No other plane on the market has a hollow depron wing like Airfoilz. With this wing, it keeps the strength high and with weight low, what does this mean? PERFORMANCE and lots of fun. Are Airfoilz planes indestructible, NO like most high performance planes, but they can take a beating, and are easily repairable. The NX series plane is made from Depron foam, balsa and Carbon Fiber which makes for a lightweight rigid plane. The new designed fuselage is now CNC router cut and includes a carbon fiber spar for more stiffness and strength. All Airfoilz planes come with complete hardware and no throw-a-way hardware either. So if you want an easy to fly plane and build, and that flies like no other foamy then an Airfoilz is for you!
What the comes with the kit:
  • Pre-bent wings

  • CNC Cut fuselage (comes will all opening CNC cut including servo openings)

  • Bent wire landing gear

  • High quality Printed vinyl decals

  • Landing Gear

  • Full hardware

  • Carbon Fiber push rods (for all surfaces)

  • "I" Beam Spar construction (lightweight and nearly indestructible)

  • 2" Lite Wheels

  • All CNC Laser, CNC router cut and CAD designed parts

  • Wires route through fuselage (for a clean look )

  • All servos are screwed in place (no hot gluing servos in)

  • Full color CD-ROM Instruction Manual

  • What you will need to complete this kit:
  • Brushless Motor and ESC - BP A2810-11 Brushless Outrunner Motor and BP 40A Brushless ESC

  • Four micro servos 9-12 gram size: Choose either - HS-55 Servo (31055S) Hitec/JR, BMS-371 Micro Servo, or Corona DS-928BB Digital Ball Bearing Servo

  • 11.1V 1500 to 2200mAh Lipo Battery - Chargery Power Lithium Polymer 11.1V 2200mAh 20C or Enerland XP2 Lithium Polymer Battery 11.1V 1800mAh 25C

  • Foam Safe Glue or 15min Epoxy Parfix 900 Medium No Odor CA Adhesive (1 oz bottle) or Parbond 250 Fifteen Minute Epoxy 8 oz. Set
  • Transmitter and Receiver - Corona RP4S1 Synthesized Full Range DSP Receiver, Berg by Castle Creations Microstamp 4L, or Corona RS410 Full Range DSP Receiver

  • Prop - APC 10 x 5 Thin Electric Gray Composite Propeller (LP10050E)

  • Price: $42.00
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