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Catalog > Airplane Kits, ARFs, and RTFs > AirfoilZ / 3DX Hobbies > Katana NX
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  Airfoilz Katana NX Kit  
  Wing Span: 40 in (1016mm), Length: 36.6 in (927 mm), Wing Area: 362 sq in (23.4 sq dm), Flying Weight: 19-21 oz (538/595 g), Motor Size: 180 to 275 Watts  
  $59.99    Notify Me or Special Order  
  Cheetah A2810-11 Brushless Outrunner Motor  
  1100 kV, Max: 35A (389W) for 60S, Max Efficiency: 10A - 30A (>75%), Weight: 78g/2.75oz.  
  $27.95     Add Item To Cart  
  Cheetah 40A Brushless ESC  
  26.7 grams / 0.94 oz, 40A Max, 3A BEC, Programmable Brake, For 2-3 Li-Poly or 4-10 NiCd/NiMH  
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  Corona RP4S1 Synthesized Full Range DSP Receiver  
  4 Channel, Synthesized, 4.7 grams including antenna, Auto-Shift Detect, Full Range, Digital Signal Processor  
  $17.95     Add Item To Cart  
  Corona RS410 Full Range DSP Receiver  
  4 Channel, 5.3 grams (4.7 grams w/o Antenna), Auto-Shift Detect, Full Range, Digital Signal Processor  
    $9.95    Notify Me or Special Order  
  HS-55 Economy Feather, Nylon (18oz/in | 0.14sec | 0.89x0.45x0.94") (31055S)  
  Weight: 7.8 Grams / 0.29 oz, Torque: 15, Speed: 0.17 sec./60 at 4.8V  
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    $9.99 Each  
  4 For $36.00
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  BMS-371 Micro Servo  
  Weight: 9.4 Grams / 0.33 oz, Torque: 21.0, Speed: 0.12 sec./60 at 4.8V  
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  APC 10 x 5 Thin Electric Gray Composite Propeller (LP10050E)       $2.93 Each  
  4 For $9.36 @ $2.34  
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  Parfix 900 Medium Foam Safe CA Adhesive (1 oz bottle)  
  No odor, foam safe version of the Parfix medium CA  
    $2.75    Notify Me or Special Order  
  Parbond 250 Fifteen Minute Epoxy 8 oz. Set  
  Two Part Epoxy - Mix 1:1 Cures Clear  
    $8.95    Notify Me or Special Order  
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