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3DX Hobbies Scratch ARF
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  Wing Span:     40 inch  
  Overall Length:     31 inch  
  Wing Area:     320 sq in  
  Flying Weight:     24 ounces  
  Motor Size:     150-200 Watt (beginner - sport)  
  Radio:     4 Channel  
  Servos:     4 servos  
  Prop Size:     9 x 4.7SF (beginners) to 9 x 6E (sport)  
  Speed Control:     40 A  
  Recommended Battery:     11.1V 1800mAh  
BP Hobbies is pleased to announce a new alliance between 3DX Hobbies and BP Hobbies to build and market new airplanes for the RC Hobby industry. The first airplane created is Jim Viganiís 3DX Hobbies Scratch ARF. The Scratch ARF is great for beginner to intermediate sport flyers. It is a wood and film covered Almost Ready to Fly that builds in one evening. It is a useful aerobatic trainer with sure movements. If you step up the motor, you can use this for high speed maneuvers or even for pylon racing. This is an affordable plane to add to your lineup. The ARF includes covered wing, fuselage, and tail feathers as well as control hardware.
Scratch Illustrated Assembly Manual
What you will need to complete this kit:
  • Four Channel Receiver/ Transmitter minimum - Try the Corona RP4S1 Synthesized Full Range DSP Receiver if you are still on 72MHz.

  • Battery - Enerland XP2 Lithium Polymer Battery 11.1V 1800mAh 25C

  • Power Package 1 (for beginners) - BP A2212-10 Brushless Outrunner Motor using a APC 9 x 4.7 Slo-Flyer Gray Composite Propeller (LP09047) and a BP 40A Brushless ESC

  • Power Package 2 (for sport flyers and pylon racing) - BP A2217-6 Brushless Outrunner Motor using a APC 8 x 6 Thin Electric Gray Composite Propeller (LP08060E) and BP 50A Brushless ESC

  • For rudder and elevator - Corona DS-939MG Digital Metal Gear High Torque Servo

  • For Ailerons, use two - Corona DS-929MG Digital Metal Gear High Speed Servo

  • To connect Aileron servos - Y Connector JR/Hitec Plugs 26 AWG (WY/JR/15)

  • For building use regular CA - CA, Epoxy,and Glues

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