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HS-82MG Standard Metal Gear Micro (47 oz/in | 0.10sec | 1.17x0.47x1.16") (32082S)
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  Size (L x W x H):     1.20" x 1.17" x 1.16" or 29.80 x 29.60 x 0.47mm  
  Weight:     0.66oz / 19.00g  
  Ball Bearings:     none  
  Metal Gears:     Yes  
  Torque (4.8V):     38.88  
  Transit Time (4.8V):     0.12 sec @ 60 deg.  
  Torque (6.0V):     47.22  
  Transit Time (6.0V):     0.10 sec @ 60 deg.  
This servo replaces the HS-81MG. Hitec takes one their top selling servos and makes it even better. Based on the ultra popular HS-81MG the HS-82MG gets a new stronger motor and updated electronics for more precise centering. The HS-82MG is perfect for smaller aircraft and helicopters where a durable geartrain is required.
Price: $19.99   4 For $76.00
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