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FunCopter Kit (M213001)
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  Main Rotor Diameter     708 mm / 27.9 inches  
  Length     855 mm / 33.7 inches  
  Flying Weight     1250 grams / 44.64 ounces  
  Power     11.1V 3200 - 3300 mAh  
  Motor     Himax C6310-0225  
  RC     6 Channel receiver - Gyro, 3 Servos, ESC  
Simple Ė Durable - Fun
The FunCopter is the perfect heli for the hobbyist making the transition from fixed wing flight to Heliís or even as a step up for the pilot who has flown coaxial Heliís. Based on the design of the popular Lite Machinesô Helicopters, the FunCopter is designed for pure fun with many unique features, such as a quiet direct drive system, rugged flexible rotor blades and an ultra durable EPP body.
Available as an almost ready to fly kit the FunCopter comes completely assembled and adjusted making for quick installation of the radio gear. To save even more time pick up the Receiver Ready (RR) version and just drop in your receiver and battery and youíre ready to go.
  • Ideal for beginners or as a step up from coaxial Heliís

  • Ultra durable design and construction featuring patented crash-resistant rotor head, sprung landing gear and direct drive power system make the FunCopter Virtually indestructible

  • Fixed pitch rotor requires no adjustments

  • Full control using 4 Channel yaw, pitch-axis, roll and throttle functions

  • Uses different blade holders for matching to different payloads and batteries

  • Low Parts count makes the FunCopter Easy to Assemble and Repair

  • Full-body fuselage made of EPP foam has a modern design and is easy to see in the air

  • Quiet direct-drive power system

  • Long flight times - up to fifteen minutes with 3000 mAh LiPo battery

  • Full Factory Support in the US via the Hitec/Multiplex service center in California.

  • Funcopter Instruction Manual
    To complete this kit - you will need a 6 channel Tx/Rx, 37 Amp minimum brushless ESC ( Castle Creations Thunderbird-36 Brushless Speed Controller (TB-36)), 3 servos ( HS-82MG Micro Metal Gear Servo (32082S)), a gyro ( Funcopter Gyro (M755034)), and a battery.
    We have two batteries that would fit. PolyQuest XQ Lithium Polymer 11.1V 3200mAh 30C and the PolyQuest XQ Lithium Polymer 11.1V 3200mAh 30C The difference between the packs is the discharge capacity of the XQ is 20% higher than the XP pack which makes the XQ pack 11 grams heavier.
    LED Lights: We have great LED lights sets that enhance the look of your Funcopter. Click on the pictures below to see a larger version. The lights can be found here - BP Flexible High Intensity LED Light Strips - BLUE and BP Flexible High Intensity LED Light Strips - GREEN and BP Flexible High Intensity LED Light Strips - RED and BP Flexible High Intensity LED Light Strips - WHITE
    Price: $169.99
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