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  Wing Span     60.6 inches  
  Wing Area     361.2 sq in  
  Length     38.6 inches  
  Weight     Airframe Weight: 1.2 pounds  
  Radio     3-4 channel  
  Power     120 Watt Electric  
This is a strong, lightweight, polyhedral motor glider. Find thermals float all day. Great for beginners to experts. See the review in the March 2011 issue of Fly RC (page 100).
What this kit includes:
The ARF comes with all of the hardware that you need to complete the airplane. ARF comes with paper construction manual including CG and control throws.
What you will need to complete this airplane:
  • Transmitter / Receiver: You will need a 3-4 channel receiver, depending on how you power the receiver. If using a y-connector for the BEC, then you can use a 3 channel receiver. If not, use a four channel or higher receiver. Click here - Receivers for our full selection of 2.4GHz Hitec or full range 72MHz receivers

  • Servo Extensions / Connectors - You will need one 8 inch extension and connectors for the battery to speed controller connection. We offer servo extension wire with either the Futaba Style Connector/Color Wire or Hitec / JR Style Connector/Color Wire. And for battery connectors, try Dean's Ultra plugs.

  • Adhesives - You will need thin CA glue and 5 minute epoxy. These products can be found here Epoxy and CA Glues

  • Transmitter/Receiver/Servo combo
    Speed Controller
    Battery - the larger battery (1300mAh) balances better
    Price: $35.00
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