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  Wing Span     48 inches  
  Wing Area     372 sq in.  
  Length     43.4 inches  
  Weight     2.83 pounds  
  Radio     5 Channels  
  Power     450 Watts (sport) to 750 Watts (3D)  
All wood construction airplane - NO FOAM!!. This is a fast electric mid-size plane. This is for intermediate to advanced pilots.
What this kit includes:
The ARF comes with all of the hardware that you need to complete the airplane. Included landing gear is sturdy aluminum. Plastic heatshrink covering through out.ARF comes with paper construction manual including CG and control throws.
What you will need to complete this airplane:
  • Transmitter / Receiver: You will need a 5 channel receiver, depending on how you power the receiver. If using a y-connector for the BEC, then you can use a 4 channel receiver. If not, use a four channel or higher receiver. Click here - Receivers for our full selection of 2.4GHz Hitec or full range 72MHz receivers

  • Servos - You will need 5 (for electric power) to 6 (for engine power) servos. We recommend HS-425BB Deluxe BB Servo (31425S) Hitec/JR/Air-Z or BMS-620 High-Torque Standard Size Servo JR/Hitec .

  • Motor - You will need either an electric motor running 450 to 750 Watts depending on the type of flying you want to perform. For sport flying, we recommend the BP A2814-6 Brushless Outrunner Motor using the BP 60A Brushless ESC swinging a APC 10 x 7 Thin Electric Gray Composite Propeller (LP10070E) . For extreme 3D, we recommend the BP A2826-4 Brushless Outrunner Motor using the BP 60A Brushless ESC swinging a APC 13 x 6.5 Thin Electric Gray Composite Propeller (LP13065E). We recommend the Castle Creations BEC SWITCHING REGULATOR

  • Battery - Use anywhere a 11.1V 3300 mAh Lipo.We recommend the PolyQuest XP Lithium Polymer 11.1V 3300mAh 25C.

  • Servo Extensions / Battery Connectors - You will need three 12 inch extensions and one Y connector. We offer servo extension wire with either the Futaba Style Connector/Color Wire or Hitec / JR Style Connector/Color Wire

  • . And for battery connectors, try Dean's Ultra plugs
  • Adhesives - You will need thin CA glue and 5 minute epoxy. These products can be found here Epoxy and CA Glues

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