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Multiplex Permax BL-480/6D Brushless Inrunner Motor (M332484) - CLOSEOUT SALE
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  Motor kV     2120  
  Gear Ratio     N/A - Direct Drive  
  No Load Current     1.2 amps  
  Maximum Current     25 amps  
  Current @ Max Efficiency     18 amps  
  Motor Weight     4.23 oz (120 g)  
  Motor Length     1.81 inches  
  Gear Box Length     N/A  
  Prop Shaft Diameter     3.17 mm  
  Recommended Prop Range     5 to 7 inch  
  Battery Power Voltage     2 to 3 cell Lipo  
  Stator Winding     6 turns  
  Pole Count     4 pole  
This is a special offer from Multiplex. This motor can retail for over $70! The motor is new in box. While supplies last.
This is a six turn, stator winding (six slot), four pole motor. Made with Neodymium rotor magnets, this is a great motor for fast park flyers up to 28 ounces. It mounts the same as 400/480 Brushed motors with up to 3 times more power than "can" type motors.
Price: $10.00
Currently Out Of Stock
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