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This video presentation was done by a retired CFH 46 Avionic Engineer and it gives you a good impression what the Aerofly5 is all about
And this is his video on how to practice inverted helicopter flights on Aerofly5. A must see for heli buffs.
Su 29 on YouTube: See the high resolution of the scenery and of course the extra smooth landing of the pilot Tony Elms. Isn’t it addictive?
Who doesn’t love the Super Connie? What a realistic multi-engine sound! The only thing that is better on the simulator than on this video is the resolution and the frames per second. May be his graphic card is not entirely up to its job. Nevertheless this is a must see.
For those who like tandem helicopters, this brief CH46 video might be of interest. Look how crisp the graphics are.
You probably remember the video showing an RC pilot safely flying and landing his model after clipping a wing. Guess what – here is an aerofly5 pilot practicing exactly the same. He has not mastered the safe landing yet, but this video will show you the excellent flight physics aerofly5 is featuring.
And now the same in Limbo style.
Have you ever tried Limbo flying with your 3D machine? No? Then watch this. This time the wings will stay attached. It is one of the many contest on the AF5 helping you to master the most difficult flying maneuvers.
If you like 3D-flying with your Extra, Sukhoi, Yak, Edge, Cap or Ultimate? This video will wet your appetite.
aerofly 5 T-Rex 450 PRO 3D flying – plain adrenalin just for fun. Tip: Take a look at the stick movements at the right side of the screen. Another very helpful aerofly5 training feature!
Another 3D helicopter performer with his T-Rex 700.
Now that’s an unusual way to explore an aircraft carrier: with an MD 500 on aerofly5.
Some aerofly5 pilots are constantly looking for new challenges. How about flying through a half mile long street tunnel?
With aerofly5 you don’t need to fly alone. Go online and fly with buddies from all over the world like in this video. And you will see them flying their beautiful gliders in a breathtaking Dolomite scenery as well as in CGI sceneries. You will even witness an “accidental” water landing of a glider which fell out of the uplift on the shore slope. BTW you too can make such videos on the AF5, underlay them with matching music from the simulator and share them with friends.
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