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SIG Stix-It Covering Adhesive 16 ounce (SIGSX002)
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  • Easy to use

  • Saves time

  • Superior adhesion

  • Allows economical covering materials to be iron-on

  • Keeps iron-on plastic & fabric coverings stuck down

  • Strengthens and seals the wood

  • Low weight, one thin brushed-on coat is all that is necessary

  • Cleans up with Sig Butyrate Dope Thinner

  • Compatible with all common model airplane paints

  • Stix-It is the perfect companion for any model airplane covering material. It has a super strong heat-activated adhesive built right in that keeps your covering material stuck down tight.
    Stix-It works great for adhering SIG Koverall, silk, silkspan, tissue, or any other uncoated covering material to a model. Its high solid content and adhesion qualities make it a breeze to cover models with these economical coverings. Stix-It eliminates the messy part of the traditional process. No more need to dope through the covering and rub it down with your fingers. Simply brush a coat of Stix-It on the wood, let it dry, then iron on your covering material.
    Stix-It also works great as a surface preparation and wood sealer for any of the pre-finished iron-on coverings, either plastic film or fabric type. The superior adhesion of Stix-It helps eliminate the troublesome pull-ups and lifting seams common with those coverings. It also reduces fuel seepage under the seams of the covering.
    Price: $20.99
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