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This is a sneak preview page of the new Cutlass Quadcopter. The products listed below are available now. More parts and descriptions coming soon. Please contact us for more information.
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  BP Cutlass Quadcopter (ACMR404)  
  Includes frame, motors, ESCs, KK control board, propellers, prop savers, power distribution board, USB upgrading wire, conversion wire, and hardware  
  $189.95       Out Of Stock
  BP Cutlass Frame Kit (ACMR401)  
  Frame parts and hardware only  
  $33.95       Out Of Stock
  Camera Mount Accessory (ACMR2001)     $24.75     Add Item To Cart  
  ELE RC A2826 1100kV Brushless Outrunner Motor  
  Replacement motor for 2 pound quadcopters (including the BP Cutlass)  
  $16.95     Add Item To Cart  
  Nylon Screw Set for Multi-rotor control board mounts (ACMR1910)  
  16 screws / 8 Nuts per bag  
    $2.50       Out Of Stock
  Black Rocker Arm for Cutlass (ACMR1841B)  
  1 piece  
    $6.50     Add Item To Cart  
  Red Rocker Arm for Cutlass (ACMR1841R)  
  1 piece  
    $6.50     Add Item To Cart  
  White Rocker Arm for Cutlass (ACMR1841W)  
  1 piece  
    $6.50     Add Item To Cart  
  3.0mm Prop Saver (ACMR1913)  
  Replacement part for Cutlass Quadcopter Motor  
    $2.50     Add Item To Cart  
  Battery Belt Holders - Red/Black (ACMR1909)       $1.50       Out Of Stock
  Battery to ESC Connectors (ACMR1911)  
  Connectors 4 ESCs (via red JST) to one battery (via Deans)  
    $2.50     Add Item To Cart  
  Control Board Holder Plates for Cutlass (ACMR1851)  
  2 pieces.  
    $5.25     Add Item To Cart  
  USB Programmer Cable for KK Board (ACMR1907)       $4.50     Add Item To Cart  
  KK 2.5 Controller Board (ACMR1906)     $26.50     Add Item To Cart  
  Motor Holders for Cutlass (ACMR1861)  
  4 pieces included  
    $5.25     Add Item To Cart  
  Power Distribution Board (ACMR1905)  
  Includes nylon screws - Replacement part for Cutlass Quadcopter  
    $3.95       Out Of Stock
  Tall Landing Skid Set (ACMR1901)  
  Optional tall landing skid - Use this part if adding camera undermount  
  $16.95     Add Item To Cart  
  Hitec 2.4GHz Transmitters     -  Click this web link to see more products.
  Receivers     -  Click this web link to see more products.
  Cheetah 18A Brushless ESC  
  15.9 g / 0.57 oz, 18A Max, 3A BEC, Programmable Voltage Cutoff, For 2-3 Li-Poly or 4-10 NiCd/NiMH  
  $17.95     Add Item To Cart  
  Castle Creations Thunderbird-18 Brushless Speed Controller (TB-18)  
  17 g / 0.6 oz, Brake, 3A Linear Regulator BEC, 18-Amp, 5-12 NiMH/NiCd or 2S-3S Li-Poly  
  $33.95       Out Of Stock
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