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HS-7985MG Digital High Torque Metal Gear Coreless, Dual BB (172oz/in | .13sec | 1.57x0.78x1.45") (37985S) - CLOSEOUT SALE
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  Size (L x W x H):     1.57" x 0.78" x 1.45" or 40.00 x 20.00 x 37.00mm  
  Weight:     2.18oz / 62.00g  
  Ball Bearings:     Dual Ball Bearing Supported Output Shaft  
  Metal Gears:     Metal Gear Train (MK first gear)  
  Torque (4.8V):     144 oz.in  
  Transit Time (4.8V):     0.16 sec @ 60 deg.  
  Torque (6.0V):     172 oz.in  
  Transit Time (6.0V):     0.13 sec @ 60 deg.  
The new HS-7985MG High Torque Digital Servo has the added benefit of our new G2 second generation programmable digital circuit. This circuit has twice the resolution of our original circuit while adding programmable overload protection. The technology doesn’t stop at the circuit board, with a high performance coreless motor, dual ball bearing suported output shaft, bushing supported gear shafts and our Heavy Duty Metal gear train the HS-7985MG was designed to withstand the stress of larger high performance aircraft and on/off road vehicles. This servo replaces the HS-5985 servo.
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