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DogFighter Kit (M214250) - CLOSEOUT SALE
Item: 29 of 125  
  Wing Span:     35 in  
  Fuselage Length:     32 in  
  Model Weight:     30 oz.  
  Configuration:     5 Ch. - Motor / Rudder/Elevator/Aileron (2 servos)  

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Our fast and agile racer, the DogFighter, brings the old fashioned art of aerial combat to your local flying field. With crisp handling and precise response, this sporty flyer will tear through the skies with aerobatic mastery. Inspired by the classic warbirds of WWII, our compact speed demon was designed with the intermediate and sport flier in mind. Whether you are making striking runs at the club field or engaging in ferocious aerial combat, seize air superiority with the Multiplex DogFighter!
  • Low Minimum Airspeed

  • Crisp Handling and Accurate Response for Precise Aerobatics

  • Detachable Wing For Easy Transport

  • Durable, Elapor(R) Foam Construction

  • Includes Two Decal Sheets "Racer" and "Fighter"

  • Transmitter / Receiver
    Servos - You need four servos
    Motor - You want between 350 and 500 Watts
    Speed Controller
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    Price: $55.00
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