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  Cheetah 5A UBEC  
  14.7g , 5V - 33V Input, 5.0V Output, 5A Max  
    $2.97     Add Item To Cart  
  Cheetah 7A UBEC  
  15.7g , 5.0 - 33V input , 5.0 V output, 7A Max  
    $2.84     Add Item To Cart  
  Hobby Electronics 5V / 3A Switching BEC  
  19.0 g / 0.67 oz, For 5V - 35V Input, 5.0V Output, 3A Continuous  
    $5.20       Out Of Stock
  Hobby Electronics 6V / 3A Switching BEC  
  19.0 g / 0.67 oz, For 5V - 30V Input, 6.0V Output, 3A Continuous  
    $5.20     Add Item To Cart  
  ParkBEC Switching BEC - 6.0V  
  This circuit prevents ESC overheating when using 4 servos. 6.0V output at 1.25A.  
    $7.63     Add Item To Cart  
  SmartBEC Switching BEC with Lithium Cutoff  
  1.25A Switching BEC with intelligent lithium cutoff. Combines functionality of ParkBEC and LipoShield into one unit.  
  $10.33     Add Item To Cart  
  Very High Voltage Switch-mode BEC     $15.49     Add Item To Cart  
  Skyholic Digital Power Regulator Switch and Low Voltage Alarm (B402)  
  Input voltage Range : 6V - 9V DC (2cell Lipo), Output voltage : 6V DC , Output Current : 10Amp (Peak 20Amp)  
  $12.56     Add Item To Cart  
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