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Corona RP4S1 Synthesized Full Range DSP Receiver
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  Type     4 Channel DSP Synthesized FM 72MHz  
  Range     Full Range 1.6km+  
  Size (L x W x H):     42.5x18.2x9.36mm(1.67"x0.71"x0.36")  
  Weight:     4.7 grams  
With the advanced technology CORONA mastered, we proudly introduce the smallest synthesized receiver in the R/C world - Corona RP4S1, 4ch single conversion synthesized receiver.
I. Why should one choose to use synthesized receiver?
1. Synthesized receivers gets rid of the inconvenience of using a crystal. When you go to the flying field, you need to make sure you have all of the correct matching crystals. With the RP4S1, one push of button is all you need to change the channel. 2. Every transmitter and receiver has some production tolerance. But the production tolerance of the crystal affects more. Even the most precise crystal has a tolerance of 1-2KHz, and sometimes it will be 4KHz. This is a big tolerance for a 10KHz narrow band receiver. Synthesized receivers correct the tolerance because it can automatically follow the frequency tolerance of the transmitter. This feature offers the best performance.
II.Lightest and Smallest Synthesized Receiver
RP4S1 uses a state-of-the art receiver chip. It is now the world's smallest and lightest synthesized receiver. Normally a synthesized receiver should be larger than the receivers that use crystals. Corona's technology makes it possible to manufacture a synthesized receiver with light weight construction. Including the antenna and the packaging, it weighs less than 5g.
III. Long Range
While using the powerful chip, Corona designs more and distributes the pulse of all levels carefully. The range of PR4S1 is even longer than the RS410, RS610 and RS810 series. With a sensitivity of better than 2uV, the receiver range can reach as far as 1 mile plus per ground tests.
IV. Ultra Narrow Band
Usually R/C equipment is used under a noisy RF environment, so the band of the receiver must be very narrow. One can ensure the narrow band using an expensive multiple ceramic IF filter. Corona supplies all receivers using a 4 pole ceramic IF filter and make sure that all receivers have an ultra narrow band.
V. AGC and High IP3 Performance
The RP4S1 was designed with a more even more features. It adds an AGC circuit to make itself have a higher IP3. With this technology, it can reject adjacent interference and high frequency block more effectively.
VI Auto-detecting
As with all of the Corona receivers, the RP4S1 auto-detects the shift type (positive or negative) and is compatible with most brands of transmitters.
Currently, DSP decoding technology is used by all top grade receivers. Based on the experience of the manufacturing crystal based receivers, the processor is more advanced and it works more reliably. This means that your glitching is almost imperceptable and noise hits are down to almost zero.
VIII “1-button” Frequency Tune
The frequency can be changed easily with PPL technology. Corona uses this tune button to compensate for the frequency difference caused by production tolerance of the transmitter and the frequency wrap of the different brand transmitters. With only one button, the RP4S1 makes it possible to compensate the frequency tolerance immediately.
Instructions and Specifications
Price: $10.85
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