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Corona 2.4G Eight Channel Receiver (CR8D)
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  Operating Voltage     4.8 - 6 V, 5.0 V nominal  
  Operating Current     30 mA  
  Reception Range     1.5 km / 0.93 miles  
  Resolution     10 bit  
  Latency     22 msec  
  Sensitivity     -100 dbm  
  Weight     7.5 grams  
  Size     37 x 22 x 12 mm (not including pins)  
  Antenna Length     140 mm  
Note:This receiver is only compatible with the Corona Tx Module.
Our new Corona 2.4GHz transmitter module and receiver are designed to completely eliminate radio interference and glitches which have troubled RC Flyers for years. The software designed exclusively for the transmitter module and receiver instantly locates and assigns safe and protected channels. Other flyers in the area will not create interference that normally would corrupt the transmitter signals. The Corona 2.4GHz adheres strictly to Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum (DSSS) communication standards by constantly switching across a wide band of frequencies. Combining Corona’s software with DSSS they have designed a transmitter and receiver capable of providing modelers the highest performing radio system available. This module is the second generation design that eliminated some fit issues and has much more robust software.
  • Extended operating range 1.5 km range, which has been tested in a real flying environment.
  • One-key user friendly setup mode.
  • The unique receiver design makes the Corona module easy to install and ensures reliability.
  • Corona's advanced needle design ensures the lightest possible receiver
    Please Note: Our original magazine product announcements shows the receiver as having two antennae. The picture was of a test receiver. The second antenna on the test receiver was non-functional. The single antenna is all that is required to run this receiver to full range and full performance. We are sorry for the confusion that this picture has caused.
  • Price: $37.95
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