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BMS-760DMG High-Torque Low Profile Metal Gear Digital Servo For Airplanes
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  Weight:     34 grams / 1.19 oz.  
  Size:     42 x 21.5 x 22 mm / 1.65 x 0.85 x 0.87 in.  
  Torque At 4.8V:     79 oz-in.  
  Speed At 4.8V:     0.18 sec / 60°  
  Torque At 6.0V:     112 oz-in.  
  Speed At 6.0V:     0.16 sec / 60°  
  Ball Bearing:     Dual  
  Metal Gears:     Yes  
With a low electronic impedance and precision movement, these low profile servos are designed for high-performance F3A precision aerobatic use. They are also a great choice for moving mechanical retract gears in a realistic manner

The servo will automatically learn the user's transmitter pulse timings and lock into the signal every time. The servo also includes a signal buffer in the CPU with fail-safe functionality. The motor is wound with 2PEW thin coated wire for better electrical conductivity and is able to withstand over 120 C without degradation.

  • Double M9.6 ball bearing (si-oil)
  • 3 pole high-torque motor with low RF noise (CE certified)
  • Rubber seals for waterproof case
  • Futaba compatible 25 tooth output splines
  • Heavy duty servo case
  • Digital control IC - SOP package with 12bit data transfer
  • MOS-FET motor driver chips that can handle 7A peak loads
  • Digital motor drive with ultra-square PWM signal
  • Automatic determination of servo center pulse width
  • Metal gears of aluminum 6061 material combined with light and strong C95 material

  • The servo comes with an accessory package and the universal JR/Hitec "S" Connector which is physically and electrically compatible with all major receiver brands sold worldwide. Follow the wiring diagram below. If you hook the servo up incorrectly nothing bad will happen - just flip the S connector around and the servo will work correctly.
      "S" Type Connector    Futaba "J" Connector    Wire Info 

    Brown Wire

    Black Wire

      Battery Negative 

    Red Wire

    Red Wire

      Battery Positive 

    Orange Wire

    White Wire


    WARNING: Using the servo arm to turn the servo may cause the gears to break or jump and the servo will stop functioning correctly. This is true for all servos regardless of servo manufacturer. This can also occur as a result of crash damage, hard landing, or improper servo installation. It is important you follow Servo Installation Diagram for proper installation and prevent vibration damage. BP Hobbies assumes no responsibility once this product is installed and used.

    Replacement Parts & Accessories:
  • BMS-760DMG Metal Gear Set
  • BMS-760DMG Outside Case
  • BMS-760DMG Horn and Accessory Set
  • Large Aluminum CNC Servo Arm for Airplanes

  • Manufacturer's Specifications
    Price: $28.75
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