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Eagle EPP
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E-Aero Eagle EPP Kit
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  Wing Span:     59 inches  
  Fuselage Length:     32 inches  
  Model Weight:     17 - 19 ounces  
  Configuration:     3 Channel - Motor / V-tail - two servos  
This is not your average airplane. The E-Aero Eagle EPP Kit is a detailed model that even fools real hawks! (See the story below). The using two servos to control the tail feathers, the Eagle catches thermals and glides on and on. Made of durable EPP foam, this kit has reinforcements everywhere. Do not be fooled by cheaper imitators. The wings are built up and formed for increased strength. There is plenty of room for your radio gear inside the body of the Eagle.
  • All foam pieces - black / white / yellow color scheme prepainted
  • Pushrods and control hardware
  • Wing Spars and other reinforcement hardware
  • Printed instructions with photographs - Custom written by BP Hobbies Staff
  • You will need:
    Speed Controller
    Battery Use either battery - larger pack is more stable in windy conditions
    Servos - You will need two servos - choose either one
    Transmitter/receiver You either need a transmitter with mixing or external v-tail mixer
    Notes from test flight:
    When we took the Eagle out for flying, we had a great summer day. After making a few low passes, the Eagle caught a thermal and rose several hundred feet. With the motor off, it floated high circling over the field. After a few minutes, a hawk appeared.
    Then two more appeared. The hawks were circling around the Eagle curious as to what was invading their airspace.
    Then all of a sudden one of the hawks raised its wingtips, lowered its talons, and dove towards the Eagle.
    Just before the Hawk got closed enough to strike, we turned on the motor to avoid the collision. The sudden whirl of the motor seemed to scare the hawk away. Thanks to Dennis Sutton for these great pictures!
    Click on above pictures to see a larger version.
    Here is some video we shot of the Eagle. This shoot was done near an airport so we could not fly high enough to play with the hawks!
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