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Cheetah RC CH-1221DMG Digital Metal Gear High Torque Servo
Item: 6 of 10  
  Weight:     12.5g - 0.44 oz  
  Size:     22.5 X 11.5 X 24.6mm (0.88" x 0.45" x 0.96")  
  Torque At 4.8V:     20.8 oz in  
  Speed At 4.8V:     0.07 sec at 60 deg  
  Ball Bearing:     Yes  
  Metal Gears:     Yes  
High Speed Version - Metal Gear. Same size and weight as the CH-1235DMG but with much faster speed. Specially designed for 3D 450 sized electric helicopter. Faster, Stronger, and More accurate. Comes with cross and circle servo horn, mounting screws, and grommets.
  • Higher resolution

  • The tightest dead band

  • Accurate positioning

  • Faster control response

  • Quicker acceleration

  • Constant torque throughout the servos travel

  • Increased holding power when stationary

  • The servo comes with an accessory package and the universal JR/Hitec "S" Connector which is physically and electrically compatible with all major receiver brands sold worldwide. Servo leads are eight inches long from case to end of plug. Follow the wiring diagram below. If you hook the servo up incorrectly nothing bad will happen - just flip the S connector around and the servo will work correctly

      "S" Type Connector    Futaba "J" Connector    Wire Info 

    Brown Wire

    Black Wire

      Battery Negative 

    Red Wire

    Red Wire

      Battery Positive 

    Orange Wire

    White Wire


    WARNING: Using the servo arm to turn the servo motor may cause the gears to break or jump and the servo will stop functioning correctly. This is true for all servos regardless of servo manufacturer. BP Hobbies assumes no responsibility once this kind of damage. This can also occur as a result of crash damage or hard landing. Once you install and use a servo BP Hobbies assumes no responsibility any damages that may occur.

    Price: $7.50
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