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Mentor Airplane Kit (M214228)
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  Wing Span:     64 in  
  Fuselage Length:     47 in  
  Model Weight:     68 oz  
  Configuration:     Motor/Rudder/Elevator/Aileron optional Tow Release  
The “forty-size” trainer is still one of the most popular types of model aircraft. The MENTOR fits neatly into this class but because it is built with our revolutionary ELAPOR® foam it is much more durable than any balsa and film product on the market. When built with recommended clean and quite brushless motor power pack, the MENTOR is sure to give the beginner or advanced pilot hours of enjoyment without the fear of ending the day with a pile of sticks.
  • Stable flying characteristics
  • Low minimum airspeed for ultra-safe landings
  • Excellent power to weight ration when using the optional Power Pack (# M993238)
  • Two-part wing with removable carbon fiber spar joiner for easy transport
  • Removable cowl with quick-release latch for simple battery swap
  • Spare Parts:
  • Part M224228 Mentor Fuselage w/Shells and Snakes
  • Part M224229 Mentor Canopy
  • Part M224230 Mentor wing Set (Molded Parts)
  • Part M224231 Mentor Tail Set
  • Part M224232 Mentor Small Parts Set
  • Part M224233 Mentor Undercarriage w/wheels
  • Part M723129 Mentor Wing Spar
  • Part M723481 Mentor Tail Wheel Set
  • Part M724482 Mentor Decal Set
  • Multiplex Press release
  • Price: $139.99
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