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Foam Surface Repair & Smoother (Foam-Finish)
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Makes it easy to repair minor damage to foam by filling gouges and nicks with a unique formula that adds virtually no extra weight. Foam Finish gives foam a smooth protective surface that reduces resistance and protects from moisture.
Repairs dents & nicks in all foam including Depron EPP, EPO, Styrofoam & more.
Helps make foam stronger with virtually no extra weight.
Creates a smooth surface for decals or paint.
No strong odor or fumes non-toxic.
1. Apply thin coating of Foam Finish to any type of foam with a plastic applicator or spatula, even an old credit card will do. Squeegee the Foam Finish back and forth over the surface making sure it penetrates into the cells.
2. Remove excess Foam Finish with the applicator so that the surface is even without blobs or bumps.
3. Depending upon the area covered, allow 6 to 8 hours to completely dry. The top coat will take longer to dry as it saturates into the cells.
4. Once surface is dry, apply thin second coat and allow to dry.
5. Sand with a fine grit paper for a perfectly smooth surface which can now be painted.
6. Clean up wet Foam Finish with water.
Price: $11.99
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