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Castle Creations Thunderbird-9 Brushless Speed Controller (TB-9)
Item: 31 of 67  
  Part #:     TB-9  
  Cells w/BEC:     2S-3S Lipo or 5-12 NiMH/NiCd  
  Cells w/o BEC:     n/a  
  Continuous:     9A  
  Surge:     n/a  
  Switching Rate:     13 kHz  
  Resistance:     n/a  
  Brake:     Programmable  
  Reversible:     Yes  
  Low Voltage Cut-Off:     Auto Lipo or NiMH/NiCd  
  Size:     1.0x x 0.67 x 0.32 in.  
  Weight (with wires):     8 grams / 0.3 oz  
A lower-cost alternative to the Phoenix-10 without as many configurable features. For airplane use only - the Thunderbird-9 does not support helicopter use. Features automatic Li-Poly cell detection right out of the package - automatically adjusts cut-off voltage to match 2S or 3S Li-Poly packs. Also features:
  • 1.5A Linear Regulator BEC
  • Safe "power on"
  • Low torque "soft start" protects gear boxes from shock
  • Simple setup
  • Tough surface mount construction
  • Smooth reverse exponential throttle
  • Audible arming signal
  • Self-calibrating endpoints
  • Auto motor cut-off with reset
  • Auto shut-down when signal is lost
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Compatible with PHX-Link USB programmer

  • On-Line Thunderbird-9 User Guide
    Price: $25.45
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