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Micro Flight SET (HESC-5A ESC & F906: Motor-3.5g-7.4V) (S534)
Item: 191 of 277  
Includes - S534 Micro Flight SET (HESC-5A ESC & F906: Motor-3.5g-7.4V), S533 (HESC-5A): Speed controller for brushless motor - 5A and M122 Micro Outrunner Motor 3.5g for 7.4V A. Speed controller for brushless motor - 5A
Model HESC - 5A
Conn. Current 5A
Burst Current (>10s) 7A
BEC Mode Linear
BEC Output 5V / 0.8A
Battery cell กก
Li-ion, Li-Poly 2 ~ 3 cell
NiMH, NiCd 5 ~ 9 cell
User programmable Available
Balance Discharege Protection N/A
Weight 4.5g
Size (L x W x H) 24 x 12 x 6
B. Micro Outrunner Motor 3.5g for 7.4V
Battery pack 2 lithium polymer cell
Current 2 Amp continuous
Configuration 10/3/26 Y (10mm dia/3mm length/26 turns)
Connection Y (also known as Star)
Kv 4500 rpm per Volt
Prop (direct drive) 4" x 2.5" or 5" x 3"
Output 33200 rpm กพ5%
Thrust 85g
Weight 3.5g
Number of Teeth 9 tooth
Stator diameter 10mm
Stator length 3.0mm without shaft or mount
Shaft diameter 1.5mm
Price: $60.00
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