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630B LiPo/LiFe Smart Balancing Charger with CEHP-7, CCB-7KT, CCB-7BC - CLOSEOUT SALE
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  Applied Battery Types:     LiPo and LiFe (A123 type) Batteries  
  Cell Count:     2 to 6 Series (LiPo or LiFe)  
  Input Voltage:     DC 10-18V, 8A  
  Output Power:     80W Max  
  Charge Current:     0.3 to 3A  
  Balancing Current:     200mA  
  Dimensions:     108 x 64 x 24 mm  
  Weight:     180 grams  
630B is a smart balancing charger designed specially for 2 to 6 Lithium Polymer and LiFe battery packs. For 12V input the 630B comes with 2 banana jack cables that plug directly into A8 or A12 Chargery power supply (click on image above to see included cables). Please read the instructions before using the balancing charger.
Built-in balancer for LiPo and LiFe cells
630B has an individual cell balancer inside, so it can charge and balance the battery pack simultaneously.
High power and high performance circuit
CY-630B employs the high efficiency circuit. As a result it can charge 6 series of lipo batteries with maximal current of 3. 0A. and the case is only 108*64*23mm.
Battery temperature limit
The battery temperature will rise by its internal chemical reaction. The charging process will be stopped forcibly when the temperature reach 60°C
Charging time limit
The charging time can be restrained to prevent from any possible defect. When the charging time reach 10 hours, the charging process will be terminated.
Input power monitor
To protect the car battery using as input power from being damaged the input voltage always monitored. If it drops the 10.0V the charging process will be ended automatically. At the same time, when you use the AC adaptor or transformer as input power, if the input voltage is more than 18V the charging process will be terminated to protect the CY-630B from being damaged.
Light and fashion AL alloy case
High-quality aluminum case is light and durable and very efficient to cool out the internal heat.
Protection function
  • Reverse polarity and short circuit protection( input and output)

  • Over charge and Over current protection

  • For the battery voltage is less than 2V/cell (for LiFe) or 3V/cell (for LiPo), the CY-630B do not charge to prevent safety accident.

  • 6 LEDs indicate charging current
    6 LEDs display each cell in balancing
    1 LED indicate the charging status
    With Special Connector Conversion Board(CCB) and conversion wire(CEHP-7) to fit all kinds of battery connectors
    Charge 2*3S or 3*2S battery packs simultaneously
    The 2 or 3 packs should be connected to the CCB first, and then connect CCB to 630B.
  • 1 pc - 630B Base Unit

  • 1 pc - Temperature Sensor and Connector

  • 1 pc - CEHP-7 Conversion Board Connector Wire

  • 1 pc - CCB-7BC Conversion Board Connector Wire

  • 1 pc - CCB-7KT Conversion Board Connector Wire

  • Manufacturer's Operating Instructions (PDF file 172,032 bytes)
    Other Accessories You May Want to Consider:
  • The HexaConnector Charging Adapter (hexaconn)
    CAUTION: Make sure cell count and charging rate is properly set each time you charge a battery. Please read our Lithium Polymer Charging, Handling, Safety Information
  • Price: $49.95
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