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Hobby Electronics 5V / 3A Switching BEC
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  Input Voltage:     5V - 30V  
  Output Voltage:     5V  
  Continuous Current:     3A  
  Peak Current:     5A  
  Regulator Type:     Switching  
  Connector:     Universal "S"  
  Size:     43.5 x 34 x 10.1 mm / 1.7 x 1.34 x 0.4 in.  
  Weight:     19.0 grams / 0.67 oz.  
A switch-mode BEC from Hobby Electronics for planes with larger servos. Use instead of your speed controls built-in BEC when you need more current than the built-in BEC supplies. This unit can supply up to 3 amps continuous from up to 35V of battery power. Switch-mode DC-DC conversion is highly efficient and doesn't heat up like regular linear BECs.

The output connector plugs into the battery connector socket on your receiver. The input wires must be spliced into your speed control battery wires. If your speed controller has a built-in BEC, it must be disabled. Some controllers have a jumper for this, while others will require you to cut the red wire on the speed controllers servo cable.

Price: $6.93
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